How to Buy Thailand Lottery Ticket in 2024?

Buying Thailand Lottery Tickets in 2024 is Your Gateway to Wealth as easy as 1, 2, to Win. Whether you’re from here or just visiting, if you are 20 or older, you can jump into the chance for some good luck. Starting is a piece of cake, the government sells these special tickets to local sellers for just 80 Baht each. Here’s the trick, you get two tickets for the same price. So, for a friendly price, you’re doubling your shot at winning big. Ready to start your journey to financial success? Grab your pair of tickets and get set for the excitement.

The government made a smart move by selling all the Thailand Lottery tickets to national wholesalers for 80 Baht, emphasizing that these tickets are exclusively available in pairs, meaning you get a ticket pair for the same 80 Baht price.

Here’s how you can snag your Thailand Lottery ticket. After the government sells tickets to national wholesalers, these tickets make their way to local agents. Positioned in public places like malls and streets, these agents offer tickets to the public for approximately 120 to 130 Baht. As a bonus, these agents might share their thoughts on lucky numbers, increasing your chances of hitting the jackpot. Secure your ticket and potentially gain some insider tips on winning numbers.

Thailand Government Lottery Tickets

To make buying lottery tickets more convenient, the Thai Government has introduced the ‘Krungthai Next’ app, allowing citizens to purchase tickets online via their mobile phones. Operating from 7:30 AM to 12:00 PM, various bank branches nationwide facilitate these transactions. Residents of Thailand can access the lottery through this app, meeting specific requirements outlined in the application. Purchased tickets are then delivered to the provided address via Thailand’s postal service.

However, caution is advised due to the prevalence of fraud and scams in the market. To ensure a safe purchase, it is recommended to opt for trustworthy local agents or national wholesaler shops. Some local agents outside markets may charge extra, violating national rules. In such cases, if overcharged, individuals can report the violation by calling 02-3451466 or filing a complaint on the official GLO website.

A Guide on How to Claim Your Thai Lotto Prize

  • Don’t Lose Your Ticket: Keep your winning ticket safe and bring it along when visiting the GLO to claim your prize.
  • Bring Your Identification: If you’re a foreigner, bring your passport; if you’re a Thai national, bring your Thai ID card.
  • Tax Information: Be aware that a withholding tax of 0.05% applies to your prize money. The Government Lottery Office deducts 1 Baht for every 200 Baht won. This ensures revenue distribution to various lotteries.
  • Claim within 10 Years: Winners have the legal right to claim their prize money within 10 years from the lottery draw. After this period, unclaimed prizes are automatically remitted to state revenue.

What is the Thailand Lottery & How to win it?

Thailand Lottery, managed by the Government Lottery Office (GLO), conducts bi-monthly draws, including Thai Government Lottery (TGL) and Thai Charity Lottery (TCL). Legalized Thai Lotto and horse-riding gambling in Bangkok attracts not only locals but also participants from Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, bolstering state revenue. With around 19-20 million Thai citizens actively involved, this lottery generates a substantial income of 76 billion baht for the government from a population of 67 million.

Boost your Thai Lotto luck with smart moves! Increase your chances by grabbing 2-3 tickets, each with unique numbers. Utilize guess papers like Thai lottery 1234, 3up, formula, 2up, and golden lucky numbers for informed choices. Learn from winners’ insights and formulas to pave your way to success. Follow these steps for a shot at winning big in the latest Thailand lottery draw.

How to Choose Winning Numbers & Play Thailand Lotto?

Try your luck in the Thailand lottery by getting a Thai lotto ticket, and your entry to the biweekly draw. If your ticket numbers match the winning numbers, congratulations, you’re a winner! Check this page for prize details related to the matched numbers.

Increase your odds in the Thailand lottery by selecting tickets with different pairs, like 4467, or an alternative such as 4647. Diversifying your ticket choices with various numbers and pairs adds a strategic touch to this game of chance, enhancing the excitement of the lottery draw.


In 2024, winning the Thailand Lottery is as easy as 1, 2, Win. Tickets come in pairs for just 80 Baht, doubling your chance to win. Using the Krungthai Next app makes buying tickets easy for residents. Be careful of fraud, buy from trusted sources, and keep your ticket safe. Claiming your Thai Lotto prize? Keep your ticket, bring your ID, and know. People from Saudi Arabia and Kuwait also play, helping the country. Try buying more tickets for more fun. In short, the Thailand Lottery mixes luck and strategy, making every draw an exciting chance for financial success.

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