Prize Bond Schedule from January 2024 to December 2024

Prize bond schedule 2024 latest updated with month, date, and amount. The Pakistani government started this prize lottery for the economic benefit of the public. This is a great opportunity for Pakistani citizens to enter this draw and win a huge amount of money. Every draw place, time, and draw amount is different. The complete Prize bond draw schedule 2024 is here with the Prize bond denomination amounts.

Prize Bond Schedule List 2024 Pakistan

The latest schedule of the prize bond lottery has been published here in the below table. So you can check the latest timetable of the prize bond list of RS 100, 200, 750, 7500, 15000, 25000, 40000, and Premiums bonds. This article provides access to the Prize Bond Schedule 2024 Pakistan, containing comprehensive details of the new premium bond and all other denominations.

#9775015 Jun, 2024MondaySIALKOT Upcoming
#4510015 Feb, 2024ThuPESHAWARUpcoming
#97150015 Feb, 2024ThuLahoreUpcoming
#132500011 March, 2024MonKarachiUpcoming
#284000011 March, 2024MonFasilabadUpcoming
#9720015 March, 2024FriMuzaffarabadUpcoming
#9875015 April, 2024MonHyderabadUpcoming
#4610015 May, 2024WedLahoreUpcoming
#98150015 May,2024WedKarachiUpcoming
#142500010 Jun, 2024MonPeshawarUpcoming
#29400010 Jun, 2024MonMultan Upcoming
#9820017 Jun, 2024MonRawalpindiUpcoming
#9975015 Jul, 2024MonQuettaUpcoming
#4710015 Aug, 2024ThuKarachiUpcoming
#99150015 Aug, 2024ThuMultanUpcoming
#152500010 Sep, 2024TueHyderabadUpcoming
#304000010 Sep, 2024TueLahoreUpcoming
#9920016 Sep, 2024MonPeshawarUpcoming
#10075015 Oct, 2024TueFaisalabadUpcoming
#4810015 Nov, 2024FriMultanUpcoming
#100150015 Nov, 2024FriRawalpindiUpcoming
#162500010 Dec, 2024TueQuettaUpcoming
#314000010 Dec, 2024TueMuzaffrabadUpcoming
#10020016 Dec, 2024MonSialkotUpcoming

Info Box

Be aware if any public holiday occurs in Pakistan, the prize bond schedule 2024 list of National Saving bonds will be changed to the next working Day.

If you want money and become rich overnight, you need to buy a prize bond to participate in this draw. You can enter Pakistan’s biggest lottery that works under the government of Pakistan. So you don’t need to fear any fraud. The SBP (State Bank of Pakistan) handles this lottery.

After the draw date, you need to wait till the prize bond results. If your bond ticket numbers match the winning number it means you won the prize bond. So we put all the details about the prize bond schedule and timetable in this post.

In Pakistan, this is the biggest business plan without any scams and fraud. No need huge amount to buy a prize bond ticket its dimensions start from Rs 100, 200, 750, 1500, 7500, 25000, and 400000. So you can win prize bond money by investing a small amount and starting your business.

Prize bond winning Amount List

People also ask questions about whether they win a prize bond from any deamination and how much we can earn from these bonds. We are here to provide all information about the winning amount of every prize bond deamination.

Denomination (Rs)NoFirst Prize
No2rd Prize
No3rd Prize


How often are prize bond draws held in Pakistan and where can I find the result?

Prize bond draws are held in Pakistan on a regular schedule, depending on the denomination of the bond. You can also see the full details of schedule 2024 in this article, and we providing all results up to date.

Are prize bonds a good investment option in Pakistan?

Yes, if you win a prize bond you can win a huge amount of money and you can start your own business.

Is there any way to win a Prize bond?

This is a luck-based game and draws held by a machine that generates random numbers. But you can use some guess paper number ideas that can help you. It depends on the denomination of the bond and specific draw.

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